The Region 17 Directory Committee has a marketing strategy to increase the number of advertisers and the circulation of the Region 17 Directory.  Advertisers will receive all the benefits of the circulation of the 2000 printed directories that will be circulated at major horse related events in your area. The Directory is produced in full color throughout.

Contact a printer or graphic artist in your area to produce your ad. They can do the artwork for you so your Camera Ready ad can come to the Regional Directory as an electronic pdf file. All ads must be Camera Ready and submitted as a High Resolution PDF File.

  • Professional photo

  • Professional ad layout

  • Only the horse's logo (name) and maybe farm name allowed on cover. Detail can be included on the inside page included within this feature.

  • Artistic farm shots preferred, rather than show ring shots (negotiable)

  • Region 17 masthead to appear on front cover


      There is a Waiting List for the 3 Cover ads - inside front, inside back and outside back.

      Contact the Directory Chair to be added to the waiting list.


Group Ads Discount

10% Discount on Group Ads of 4 or more pages to be run together, provided:
   -  Ads must arrive together
   -  Only one payment will be accepted for the group of ads (cheque, Visa or Mastercard)

Camera Ready Ad Requirements


Outside front cover (OFC): $1200 (plus GST) for the year

OBC, IFC, IBC: $500 (plus GST) for the year

Plain full-page ad: $300 (plus GST) for the year

Starting in 2018, the Outside Front Cover will be available. 


  • Page Trim size is 5 ½ x 8 ½

  • Full page ad image size = 5” x 8”

  • Half page ad image size = 5” x 4”

  • Quarter page ad image size = 5” x 2” or 2” x 4”

  • For ads that bleed, allow an additional ⅛” to ¼” image bleed on each side that bleeds


The Directory Committee will have final say about the suitability of an ad that is to appear on the Outside Front Cover (OFC) of the directory and will strive to ensure the highest possible quality of publication. 

  • The OFC advertiser will receive an additional full page ad in the directory at no additional cost

  • The OFC ad space will be billed at $1200 plus GST for the year 

  • The directory committee proposes be the highest priority of the directory cover advertising sequence. 

  • The cover ad space rotation will be maintained IFC, IBC, OBC, OFC

  • The cover rotation will now include the OFC as the fourth and final cover advertising space

The directory committee proposes that the OBC advertiser (next in turn for the OFC) refuse their turn for the OFC, the next advertiser in the rotation will be given the option of the OFC. Should all other advertisers refuse the OFC, the cover will be offered to another advertiser who has continuously advertised in the Regional Directory to qualify for the cover rotation.

The directory committee has the right to refuse pictures and/or layout. The picture and ad layout must support the high quality the Region 17 Directory has become known for.


For Technical Assistance contact:
   Gary Millar
   Phone: 780.499.9219


For further information:

  Karen Caughell
  Region 17 Directory Chair
    42 Swallow Ave
    Sherwood Park, Alberta
    T8A 3H5
  Phone: 780.464.1689